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Committee on Graduate Studies (CGS)

Committee Liaison

Dean's Liaison: Associate Dean Holly Storkel, (785) 864-3661,

College Office of Graduate Affairs Liaison: Kristine Latta, (785) 864-4201,

Admin. Support: Rachel Schwien, (785) 864-1784,


The Committee on Graduate Studies shall consist of eleven faculty members serving a three-year term, to be elected at large from the graduate faculty of the College across the five divisions of the College with three members each from Humanities, Natural Sciences & Math, and Social and Behavioral Sciences, as well as one member each from School of the Arts and International and Interdisciplinary Studies. Additionally, the committee will include up to two graduate students elected for a one-year term (fewer students are permitted if good faith efforts are made to reach full representation).  The Director of the College Office of Graduate Affairs or a designee attends these meetings in an advisory, non-voting capacity. 


Name Department Term Ends

Brackett, David

Visual Arts 2021
Foster, Bryan Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 2021
Joslyn, Mark Political Science 2019
Schulz, Armin 2018-19 Alternate for Kokobobo, Ani Philosophy 2019
Pedersen, Kris Speech-Language-Hearing 2019

Reiff, Mary Jo

English 2020
Tunge, Jon Chemistry 2020
Vernberg, Eric Clinical Child Psychology  2019
Versteeg, Margot Spanish & Portuguese 2020
Walton, Tony Geology 2019
Dean, Bart 2018-19 Alternate for Welsh, Peter Anthropology 2021
Kingsford, Abigail Graduate Student Representative - Communication Studies 2019
Zereshki, Peymon Graduate Student Representative - Physics & Astronomy 2019

Meeting Dates

The full committee of CGS meets during the academic year on each date (Thursdays) noted below from 11:15 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. in 210 Strong Hall. The CGS does not meet if classes are not in session. The following are scheduled meeting dates for 2018-2019:

Fall 2018

  • August 23
  • September 13 and 27
  • October 11 and 25
  • November 8 and 29
  • December 13

Spring 2019

  • January 31
  • February 14 and 28
  • March 28
  • April 11 and 25
  • May 9


Much of the work of the CGS is conducted in two subcommittees.

  • Program and Curricular Changes Subcommittee
    • ​Reviews and recommends to full committee on course change proposals
    • Reviews and recommends to full committee on program proposals for changes in degree/certificate requirements
    • Reviews and provides recommendations to the full committee on proposals for new graduate degrees and concentrations graduate certificate proposals, and graduate certificate renewals
  • Policies and Student Petitions Subcommittee
    • ​​​Reviews the annual Dean's Charges and prepares response/report for endorcement by the full committee
    • Reviews and provides recommendations to the full committee for proposed new policy or policy changes governing graduate education in the College
    • Reviews and responds to select student petitions seeking relief from College or Graduate Studies policies

Submission Process

CGS and its sub-committees make every effort to review program changes and curricular changes submitted by departments in a timely fashion.  The CGS schedule of submission deadlines provides departments with a guide to the timing of the review process.

Department representatives are welcome to attend the full CGS committee meeting at any time, and may find it especially useful to do so when curricular or program changes for their department are under consideration.