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Committee on Undergraduate Studies and Advising (CUSA)

Committee Liaison

Dean's Liaison: Associate Dean Holly Storkel, (785) 864-3661,

College Advising & Student Services Liaison:  Director Karen Ledom (785) 864-3500

Admin. Support: Rachel Schwien, (785) 864-1784,


According to the Bylaws of the College Assembly » (Article VII.B.2), the Committee on Undergraduate Studies & Advising) shall:

  1. Review and recommend to the CAC and/or the CA for action on all proposals with reference primarily to undergraduate course and curricular change, program requirements (which include degrees, majors, minors, certificates) and educational policy and procedures.  New majors, minors, degrees, or certificates, or deletions of the same, should be acted on individually.  All other proposals should be considered as a whole.
  1. Review and accept for file statements of departmental honors requirements.
  1. Periodically review undergraduate degree requirements and the manner in which they may be satisfied, and, where appropriate, suggest to departments and programs that courses be modified so as to accomplish more effectively the goals for which the requirements were established.       
  2. Review and make recommendations on undergraduate petitions requesting special relief from College or University rules when referred to them by College Student Academic Services, the dean and/or the dean’s designee, or by special request of the student.
  3. Respond to charges from the dean on matters including but not limited to undergraduate academic policy and procedure as well as advising.
  4. Make recommendations regarding undergraduate education including but not limited to policy and procedures as well as advising, to the dean, the CAC, and/or the CA.


Name Department Term Ends

Bolden, Tony

African & African-American Studies 2019
Buechner, Matthew Molecular Biosciences 2021
Daley, Dorothy Public Affairs and Administration 2019
Krzysztof Kuczera Spring 19 Alternate for Elles, Chris Molecular Biosciences 2021
Fourny, Diane French, Francophone & Italian 2020
Grund, Peter English 2019
Johnson, Mat Math 2020
Johnson, Michael Chemistry 2021
LaPierre, Tracey Sociology 2020
Maley, Corey Philosophy 2019
Maude, Marshall Visual Art 2019
McKenzie, Andrew Spring 19 Alternate for Muddiman, Ashley Linguistics 2021
Slusky, David Economics 2020

Mark Reaney 2018-2019 Alternate for Zazzali, Peter

Theatre and Dance 2019
Emily Gilliam 18-19 Alternate for Dominguez-Heithoff, Sophia Undergraduate Student Representative 2019
Takouk, Jasmine Undergraduate Student Representative 2019


Meeting dates
The full committee of CUSA meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month during the academic year from 11:15-12:30 in room 210 Strong Hall when classes are in session.  Subcommittee meet the first and third Tuesday of the month when classes are in session.

Policies & Procedures

Curriculum Changes

Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM)

Undergraduate Certificate Information

A new certificate proposal should be submitted as a new program in the link above.

Certificate Proposal Guidelines/Policy

Example of fields needed for new program


In order to obtain final governance approval of undergraduate-level course and program proposals in time for inclusion in the 2019-2020 catalog (which will go live in early April 2019), please submit your request via the CIM system no later than Tuesday, October 23rd (see links above).

While we will make every effort to include all approved submissions in the next catalog, we cannot guarantee that proposals will make it through all steps of the approval process in time if received after October 23rd.

Submission Deadlines


  • Policy and Awards Subcommittee
  • Curricular Changes and Degree Requirements Subcommittee