College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

College Committee on Appointments, Promotion & Tenure (CCAPT)

Committee Liaison

College Dean convenes the CCAPT; chair is elected at first meeting.

Admin Support: Jill Mignacca,, 864-0094


According to the Bylaws of the College Assembly » (Article VII.B.3), the College Committee on Appointments, Promotions and Tenure (CCAPT) shall:

a. Consider all recommendations for advancement in academic rank and granting of continuous tenure for members of the College Faculty. The recommendations along with those of the Dean shall be reported to the University Committee on Promotions and Tenure and shall remain otherwise confidential.

b. Address itself to matters of policy pertaining to faculty rank and status and report its recommendations to the Dean.

c. Advise the Dean on recommendations for all initial appointments at the professor or associate professor level, and other appointments conferring tenure.


  Last Name First Name Division Dept. Term Ends
1 Christilles Dennis SOTA THR 2019
2 Gillath* Omri SBS PSYC 2020
3 Goerdel Holly SBS SPAA 2019
4 Stefanov**** Atanas NSM MATH 2018
5 Krueger Michael SOTA VA 2020
6 Kuczera** Krysztof NSM CHEM/MB 2018
7 McNair Amy HUM HA 2019
8 Obadare Ebenezer SBS SOC 2018
9 Sousa*** Geraldo de HUM ENGL 2018
10 Tosta Antonio Luciano HUM S&P 2020
11 van der Veen Cornelis NSM GAS 2019
    *Alternate for Dave Tell, COMS    
    **Alternate for Timothy Jackson, CHEM  
    ***Alternate for Shawn Alexander, AAAS  
    ****Alternate for Yaozhong Hu, MATH