College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Committee on the Evaluation of Chairs & Directors (CECD)

Committee Liaison

Dean's Liaison: Carl Lejuez, Dean (785) 864-3661

Admin. Support: Linda Luckey, (785) 864-4921


According to the Bylaws of the College Assembly » (Article VII.B.5), the Committee on Evaluation of Chairs & Directors (CECD) shall:

a. Review and evaluate the performance of department Chairpersons and academic program Directors who wish to be reappointed.

b. Advise the Dean of the results of these reviews and evaluations, and make appropriate recommendations.


Name Department Term Ends
Falicov, Tamara Film & Media Studies 2018
Gordon, Pamela Classics 2020
Hilding, Jerel Dance 2020
Marshall, Craig Geology 2020
Omelicheva, Mariya Political Science 2018
Rudnick, Greg Physics 2020
Stainton, Hamsa Religious Studies 2018
Ric, Steele Clinical Child Psychology 2018