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New Programs

The Kansas Board of Regents and the Provost’s Office have established detailed guidelines that govern the process of creating new programs.   All new program proposals fall into one of the following categories, each of which entails a specific proposal, review, and approval process:

  • New Degree Programs
  • New Degree Programs at Edwards Campus
  • New Joint Degree Programs
  • New Concentration (in an area without a Board-approved degree program)
  • New Concentration (in an area with a Board-approved degree program)
  • New Certificate
  • New Track, Option, or Emphasis in an Existing Degree Program

All proposals begin with the Initial Provost Summary» (IPS) ) form available via the CIM/CAT system at  Click on the Propose New Program button to begin. This form is prepared by the department after consultation with the Associate Dean of Academic Innovation and Student Success and either the Director of College Advising and Student Services (CASS) (for undergraduate) or Director of the College Office of Graduate Affairs (COGA) (for graduate). Departments should contact the Director of CASS or COGA as soon as a new program is being seriously considered to discuss preparation of the IPS.

Initial proposal drafts may be sent as a Word document to (undergrad) or (graduate) for an initial review and feedback prior to CIM/CAT submission. Following submission, the Associate Dean and the Dean of the College review the proposal. If they agree it is ready, it is approved in CIM/CAT by College staff sent forward to the Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.

The Senior Vice Provost's office will review the proposal and then distribute it for comment by the Deans of all other KU schools. The Office notifies the department as to whether or not the proposal received any comment and if it is approved to move forward. If approved, any additional documentation requirements will be specified at that time. At this stage, departments should work directly with the Director of CASS or the Director of COGA, who will facilitate the review of the proposal by College governance. This includes review by CUSA (undergraduate) CGS (graduate) and CAC. More information on these committees may be found on the Governance page of the Dean’s Office website.

Once the College’s faculty governance committees approve the proposal, it moves forward to the final stages of approval. For undergraduate proposals, this includes Senior Vice Provost approval and, where applicable, approval by KBOR. For graduate proposals, the Executive Committee of Graduate Studies must review and approve the proposal prior to submission to the Senior Vice Provost.

The process and timeline varies by program proposal type, but departments should anticipate anywhere from 2 to 3 months (for the final approval of new tracks in an existing degree program) to 18 months (for approval of a new degree program). The Provost's website» provides an overview of each of the program types--including the process, expected timeline, and the University and KBOR approvals required for each proposal type.

Please note that new doctoral programs must undergo a process of external review. This is organized during the final stages of review by the Kansas Board of Regents.

The College provides guidelines specific to the establishment and operation of Undergraduate Certificates. Click here to read more.

Graduate Studies provides guidelines specific to the establishment and operation of Graduate Certificate Programs. Click here to read more. (While the policy requires that graduate certificates include a minimum 9 credit hours, the College encourages a minimum of 12).