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Promotion & Tenure

CLAS instructions for the 2018–19 application cycle

September 28, 2018

The application forms for the promotion & tenure process, as well as the primary, authoritative instructions for that process, are posted on the “Promotion & Tenure” page at KU’s central Faculty Development website: The following instructions are specific to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

  1. The candidate (the faculty member applying for promotion and/or tenure) should provide the required files to the candidate’s department (or primary unit, for faculty with joint appointments) in accordance with the department’s procedure for evaluating promotion & tenure applications.
  2. The department should complete the steps of the initial-level evaluation, including completion of the several documents associated with that evaluation process.
  3. The department chair or other department officer should verify that the electronic files of the dossier (both the candidate-produced files and the department-produced files) are organized in the folder structure specified in the instructions posted at the Faculty Development website mentioned above.
  4. Those files should then be copied to a flash drive that is labeled with the candidate’s name, using a sticker, tag, or other element that will remain securely attached during and after continued use of the drive. (If a department has two or more candidates, the same flash drive may be used for all of that department’s dossiers.) The dossier may also include physical materials such as books.
  5. The department chair or other department officer should submit the flash drive (and any physical materials such as books) to the CLAS Dean’s Office.
    1. The deadline for submission is 12 noon on Thursday, October 25. (This is a change from the previously announced deadline of 12 noon on Monday, October 22.)
    2. To schedule a time for submission, the department chair or other department officer should email Jill Mignacca at at least a day or two in advance. Ms. Mignacca will be available to accept submissions on October 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, and 25.
    3. Previously posted instructions stated that files should be emailed to This email account will not be used in this process, though it will be monitored by Ms. Mignacca since it was previously announced as part of this process.
  6. After the files of the candidate’s dossier are transferred to the cloud service being used for the promotion & tenure process this year, the department chair or other department officer will be notified to retrieve the flash drive.
  7. Applications will be evaluated by the College Committee on Appointments, Promotion and Tenure (

The following documents provide relevant background information:

Questions may be directed to:

  • Ben Eggleston, Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs –
  • Jill Mignacca, Administrative Associate Senior –