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Sabbatical Leave

Special instructions for CLAS chairs and directors applying for sabbatical leaves

August 21, 2018

If you are a CLAS chair or director and departmental initial-level review of your application would entail either self-evaluation or some other conflict of interest, the CLAS Dean’s Office is available to complete your initial-level review. To avail yourself of this option, please submit your completed application files to by 12 noon on Tuesday, September 4. Please put “Firstname Lastname sabbatical application - needs initial-level review from Dean’s Office” in the subject line of your email (with your name in place of “Firstname Lastname”).

CLAS instructions for the 2018–19 application cycle (for 2019–20 sabbatical leaves)

August 15, 2018

The primary, authoritative instructions and application forms for sabbatical leaves are posted on the “Sabbatical Leave” page at KU’s central Faculty Development website: The following instructions are specific to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

  1. The faculty member should complete the required files (as specified in the instructions posted at the Faculty Development website mentioned above) and submit them to the faculty member’s department (or primary unit, for faculty with joint appointments) in accordance with the department’s procedure for evaluating sabbatical-leave applications.
  2. After departmental evaluation of the application, the department chair or other department officer should complete the Initial Level Endorsement and Evaluation Form posted at the Faculty Development website mentioned above.
  3. The department chair should email all of the completed files (both the candidate files and the initial-level endorsement file) to by 12 noon on Monday, September 10, 2018.
  4. Candidates are welcome to write to that same email address to request confirmation of the submission and completeness of their applications.
  5. Applications will be evaluated by the Committee on Sabbatical Leaves (

Questions may be directed to:

  • Ben Eggleston, Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs –
  • Amanda Burghart, Executive Assistant for Administrative Affairs –