College Academic Council (CAC)

Assembly Liaison to the CAC


Arash Mafi

Admin Support:

Rachel Decorie, 785-864-1784,


According to the Bylaws of the College Assembly (Article II.A), the College Academic Council (CAC) shall:

...act in the name of the CA unless the CA, as a whole, is called upon to decide a matter in question.  The CAC will set the dates of its meetings, which are scheduled currently to occur on the second Tuesday of each month in August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and May. The CAC may meet more or less frequently as the business of the College justifies.


CAC Membership
NameDepartmentTerm Ends
Bolden, AnthonyAfrican & African American Studies2025
Dixon, DanMolecular Biosciences2026  
Hanley, EricSociology2024
Krueger, MichaelVisual Art2026  
Lieberman, BruceEcology & Evolutionary Biology2024
Li, XingongGeography & Atmospheric Science2024  
Pennington, DorthyAfrican & African American Studies2025
Raza, MuhammadChild Language Doctoral Program2025
Rong, PanyingSpeech Language Hearing2025
Sellet, FredericAnthropology2026
Stachnik, JustinGeography & Atmospheric Science2026

Minutes & Meetings

Documentation of meetings of CAC can be found on the SharePoint site. See meeting documents.