Committee on the Evaluation of Chairpersons and Directors (CECD)

Committee Organization

  • Dean's Office Liaison: Ben Eggleston and Nick Syrett, Associate Deans
  • Administrative Support: Jill Mignacca, Faculty Hiring and Promotion Manager –


According to the Bylaws of the College Assembly » (Article VII.B.5), the Committee on the Evaluation of Chairpersons and Directors (CECD) shall:

  1. Review and evaluate the performance of department chairpersons and academic program directors who wish to be reappointed.
  2. Advise the dean of the results of these reviews and evaluations, and make appropriate recommendations.

Membership (last updated August 25, 2022)

NameDepartmentDivisionTerm Ends
(Spring of …)
Shawn BittersVisual ArtSchool of the Arts2024
Pam GordonClassicsHumanities2024
Allard JongmanLinguisticsSocial & Behavioral Sciences2025
Benjamin SikesEcology and Evolutionary Biology and Kansas Biological SurveyNatural Sciences & Mathematics2023
David SluskyEconomicsSocial & Behavioral Sciences2025
George TsofliasGeologyNatural Sciences & Mathematics2024
Peter UkpokoduAfrican and African-American StudiesInternational & Interdisciplinary Studies2024
Cas Casmusundergraduate representative2023