Progress Toward Tenure Review (PTTR)

The College PTTR policy is posted at

2023–24 evaluation cycle, College instructions for preparation and submission of dossiers

posted October 11, 2023, by Ben Eggleston, Senior Associate Dean

The application forms for the Progress Toward Tenure Review process, as well as the primary, authoritative instructions for that process, are provided on the “Progress Toward Tenure Review” page at KU’s central Faculty Affairs website: The following instructions are specific to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. There are no major changes from last year’s instructions.

  1. The candidate (the faculty member undergoing the PTTR) should provide the required files to the candidate’s department in accordance with the department’s procedure for evaluating PTTR candidates.
  2. The department should complete the initial-level evaluation document.
  3. The department chair or other department officer should submit the files to the College Dean’s Office.
    1. The deadline for submission is 12 noon on Thursday, February 1, 2024.
    2. Files should be sent to Jill Mignacca at either as email attachments or using KU’s OneDrive for Business service.
  4. Applications will be evaluated by the College Committee on Appointments, Promotion and Tenure (

revision of CLAS policy

posted January 14, 2022, by Ben Eggleston, Associate Dean

Today the “Joint Appointments and the Progress Toward Tenure Review” section of the CLAS PTTR policy was revised. The main purpose of the revision was to replace “The primary unit is responsible for … [c]ollecting the evaluation materials from the … secondary unit” with “The materials that are required of each unit … are submitted by the respective units to the College Dean’s Office,” though other verbiage was also rewritten to improve clarity and concision.

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