aerial view of campus featuring the campanile


The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences is the heart of the University of Kansas. As the largest academic unit, we drive research and curricular excellence at KU. We foster a rigorous culture of creative and scholarly investigation, within a collaborative and inclusive environment. Our research discoveries and outreach make an impact locally and globally. We train the next generation of leaders, whose intellectual, personal and professional growth is supported through innovative teaching and mentorship in the College.


We endeavor to be a leading student-centered, research-intensive liberal arts and sciences college. We are committed to providing an innovative educational experience, drawn from curricular advances and groundbreaking research, to transform our students as they explore how they will make a difference in Kansas and the world beyond.


  • Driven by excellence
  • Creative and critical thinkers
  • Ethical and accountable
  • Proactive in efforts to support a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment
  • Transparent and inclusive in our governance
  • Service oriented
  • Fiscally responsible


  • Increase student success through innovative curriculum, teaching, advising and hands-on learning opportunities
  • Support research infrastructure and scholarly impact
  • Promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment for working and learning across the College