Research & Discovery

Image of a researcher examining a rock with a magnifying glass.

Team Members Responsible: Anderson, Dubinsky, Mafi, Orive, Reynolds, Syrett, Zhang

Objective 10: Grow Research

Strategy 10.1: Facilitate a culture of research in the College.

Key Result 1: Increase grant application success as a result of high-impact training opportunities.

Key Result 2: Increase number of large-scale interdisciplinary grant applications.

Key Result 3: Increase publishing and citation rates in the College.

Key Result 4: Increase research leadership capacity in the College.


Objective 11: Expand Impact of KU Research in Kansas and Beyond

Strategy 11.1: Support, facilitate, and promote community-engaged scholarship.

Key result 1: Increase visibility and funding for community-engaged scholarship.

Strategy 11.2: Support, facilitate, and promote KU as a center for big ideas. [Note: also addresses Healthy Communities Strategy 5.1.]

Key result 1: The College is viewed as the thought leader at KU and beyond.


Objective 12: Promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Strategy 12.1: Collaborate with university-level efforts in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Key result 1: Increase collaboration with the KU Office of Economic Development.


Objective 13: Recruit, Retain and Recognize Top Researchers

Strategy 13.1: Collaborate with central offices to strategize renovation of space and equipment.

Key result 1: Develop strategy to renovate one or two scholarly research spaces per year.   

Key result 2: Ensure research equipment refreshment happens strategically rather than through equipment failure.

Strategy 13.2: Identify additional ways of recognizing research success.

Key result 1: Increase satisfaction rate as reported in an annual survey related to recognition of research productivity.

Strategy 13.3: Recruit high-research-activity faculty.

Key result 1: Increase hiring of first-rate faculty with top level research and scholarship activity.


Metrics Impacted

  1. Quantity and quality of articles and books per faculty
  2. Proposal counts and amounts
  3. Total research expenditures
  4. Proposal success rate
  5. Percentage of faculty with active awards
  6. Total research expenditure on research equipment
  7. Total proposal awards and counts for research equipment replacement
  8. Business/technology-development
    1. Related grants (SBIR, STTR, GOALI, etc.)
    2. Invention disclosures and patents
    3. Number of startups
  9. Number of renovated research spaces
  10. Hiring statistics
    1. Number of collaborative and strategic hires
    2. Number of strategic hires
  11. Progression to full professor rate
  12. Faculty satisfaction