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note added October 1, 2018:

The following instructions are based on last year’s instructions, with the exception of the updating of the due date to March 8, 2019. Revised instructions for 2018–19 PtR reviews, with updated documents, will be posted on this page by November 30, 2018.


Review materials must be submitted electronically as PDF documents to the College Office ( no later than noon the second Friday in March, specifically Friday, March 8, 2019. Requirements for the file should be kept to a minimum in order to limit the burdens for both the faculty member undergoing review and the review committee. The following items are required in the requested format for the Post-tenure Review File:

Faculty Member submits to Unit Review Committee

  • Form: Faculty Member Statement Save the completed statement in one pdf file for submission as: (Lastname, FirstName, Faculty Member Statement.pdf.)
  • Current CV (Please use the Pro System to generate the cv for the PtR process.)

Chair/Director submits to CLAS Dean’s Office (, along with the candidate’s materials listed above:

  • Form: Unit Committee Report (Save the completed report in one pdf file for submission as: Lastname, FirstName, “Unit Name” Committee Report.pdf.)
  • Form: Chair/Director Evaluation Summary (Save the completed summary in one pdf file for submission as: Lastname, FirstName, “name of unit” Chair or director Eval summary.pdf.)
  • Annual evaluation summative letters from previous six (6) years (saved in one .pdf file named: Faculty Member_Annual Eval Letters.)
  • Any accompanying letters, if applicable (in cases of disagreement)

NOTE: Unlike evaluations for promotion and tenure, the PtR submission does not include copies of publications and original student evaluations. No external reviews of scholarship are required and should not be submitted.

The Dean’s Evaluation Summary will be completed by the dean and a copy will be forwarded to the faculty member before the entire post-review file is forwarded to the Provost Office.

The College’s statement on PtR as well as the necessary forms (referenced above) may be found on our website at this link: The University’s policy is located in the Policy Library at: