General Research Fund

The General Research Fund was established by the Kansas Legislature in 1951 for the purpose of encouraging and supporting research at the University. The General Research Fund competition provides the opportunity for faculty from each school or college to submit proposals that focus on furthering their scholarly research.

Each school or college appoints a review committee to provide peer review of funding proposals (in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences that takes place within six entities by discipline type) and select awardees. Each entity may choose to use these funds in the most appropriate manner to further research in their school or college. Individual awards may be made to faculty investigators. Funds may also be used to increase support for graduate students or may be allocated in other ways to further research.

If you have any questions, contact the dean's office at

Applications and Guidelines:

*Please note that the Research Excellence Initiative (REI) and General Research Fund (GRF) are now using the same application and budget form. Guidelines for both can be found within the same document.