College DEI Plan

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Everyone at KU, and the Overall Campus Climate in Lawrence

  1. Dedicated Resources: Developed an Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the College led by a new associate dean and supported by staff and College resources.
  2. College, Campus and Community Engagement: Host events and provide open-door policy between administrators and faculty, staff and students that guide our swift attention on urgent DEI issues, and engage and address key DEI issues on campus and in the community.
  3. Knowledge, Understanding and Expectations: Develop and offer online professional development and other opportunities for everyone in the College to learn and understand DEI concepts and expectations that serve as a basis for a fair environment for all.
  4. Information Clearinghouse: Gather and share information about DEI events, workshops, conferences, scholarships and other funding.
  5. Wellness Balance: Develop strong connections between health, well-being and family related resources on campus to actively support balance between wellness, academic success and professional goals.

KU College Students

  1. Diverse Student Body: Develop policies and practices that purposely recruit to increase the representation of historically minoritized populations in our student body.
  2. Better Support All Students to Graduation: Offer a convenient point of contact to help all students access, navigate and simplify the links among multiple offices and policies that can facilitate their success.
  3. Course Offerings, Certificates and Degrees: Expand learning options to better prepare all students to work and live in increasingly diverse workplaces and communities.
  4. Fair and Inclusive Learning: Create policies and practices that encourage professors and instructors to actively think about and practice ways of effective teaching for varied interests, learning styles, abilities and a diversity of students.

KU College Faculty and Staff

  1. Diverse Faculty and Staff: Develop policies and practices that purposely recruit to increase the representation of historically minoritized populations within the College’s faculty, staff and administration.
  2. Social and Professional Support Networks: Host and support the Council of Councils, a collaboration between CLAS and the Asian American, Black, Latino/a, Native American, and Sexuality and Gender Diversity staff councils to offer a more supportive work environment and professional development opportunities.
  3. Consultation, Mentorship and Retention: Implement the Support Pathway, a resource available to support a fair workplace and the professional development, success and retention of racialized and marginalized faculty.
  4. Resource and Guidance for Chairs and Directors: Consult and guide CLAS chairs and directors on immediate and long-term DEI issues in their units; identify, publicize and try to replicate what departments, programs and centers are doing well; and, most important, work to coordinate efforts and events that collaboratively benefit students.
  5. Build Diverse and Inclusive Leadership: Establish the CLAS Leadership for Equity Fellows Program.