Strategic Theme 2: Graduate Students

We will support efforts to promote deep understanding in core areas of graduate students’ disciplines while embracing an interdisciplinary perspective that can enhance the independent development of a creative and/or scholarly line of inquiry. Moreover, we will support professional development of our graduate students to prepare them to make impactful and lasting contributions to society from positions in higher education, industry and the public sector. Finally, we will seek novel approaches to obtain and deploy greater levels of support for graduate students to remain competitive with our peers.

  1. Implement strategies to increase the recruitment and retention of historically underrepresented populations (see College DEI Plan)
  2. Increase graduate enrollment by expanding the number of accelerated and professional master’s degree and graduate certificate programs
  3. Redesign allocation strategies to increase the stipend level of graduate teaching and research assistantships


  1. Provide tools and training to improve tracking of student progress and support timely completion
  2. Provide support for faculty development initiatives to enhance mentoring skills among graduate faculty


  1. Expand funding opportunities for graduate student research and creative works
  2. Increase graduate student engagement in external grant activity
  3. Increase graduate student engagement in career exploration, leadership, and professional development for careers in the academy, industry, and the public sector
  4. Provide structured opportunities for doctoral student pedagogic development and professionalization in the classroom

Accountability metrics

  • Enrollment funnel: applications, admissions and matriculations (all students, underrepresented minorities, and first-generation)
  • Time to degree (admit to comp, comp to completion)
  • Attrition/retention rates
  • Placement data from Survey of Earned Doctorate
  • Career outcomes data